Wednesday, March 04, 2009

The Prosperity Gospel's False Promise

Sherman Cox has written a book review on that I think you should check out. It is on the book by Marvin McMickle entitled, Where Have All the Prophets Gone: Reclaiming Prophetic Preaching In America?

In his book review Cox says...
Marvin McMickle, in his work Where Have All The Prophets Gone writes about one of the biggest heresies that has grabbed hold of the church. This one is the idea that Christians are some how immune from suffering, sickness, or pain. McMickle notes that these preachers seem to see an "exemption" from suffering. All you have to do is "plant your seed" and you will be blessed with financial blessing. You will be blessed with a physical cure to whatever ails you.

Read The Prosperity Gospel's False Promise.


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