Thursday, May 03, 2007

Dr. Jeremiah Wright and Black Liberation Theology

By Min. Dariel Cochran

Christian Liberation Theology accepts that fact that ideologies and conceptions have an impact on religious beliefs. Black Liberation Theology and Christian Theology are synonymous because both are a particularity that is grounded in Christ’s teachings. Since Christian theology is transfixed in God’s revelation in the person of Christ, Christian theology can bend ideologies and concepts toward moral improvement, economic equality, social justice, and right use ethics in executing laws.

Christian liberation theology did not begin with African Americans, African Americans are the flesh, and bones of manifestation in Jesus’ inaugural address in Luke 4: 18 – 19. Dr. Jeremiah Wright, as I see it, is effectively using “the arch of the universe swings wide but leans toward justice” to keep his congregation working toward the well-being of his congregants in fulfilling the mandates of the gospel. White America does not comprehend that. Dr. Wright’s use of the race word ‘Black’ is more positive than the media’s use of minority, which minority is a depersonalization of a race of people. Christian theology can bend ideologies to uplift the oppressed.

In answer to Rev. Lee-Price’s question, is Christian Liberation Theology viable? Look at it this way, Christian theology is not subjected to Liberation theology. Liberation theology has an objective, which is to follow Christian theology. Christian theology is only Christian as long as it remains faithful to Luke 4: 18 – 19 and all the implications and range of meaning.

We have a long way to go. I do appreciate all those Africans that did what they could. Black liberation theology does not dislike white people; it is against systems of oppression and whoever is behind and perpetuates such systems, the Tertullian’s, Biko’s, and Dr. Wright’s will have something to say about it.

Min. Dariel A. Cochran
Louisville, Kentucky


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